Western Veterinary College

University of Saskatchewan's Western College of Veterinary Medicine

For the talk from the sky-very high cost veterinary school, look at this:

Tuition in the College of Saskatchewan’s Western College of Veterinary Prescription medication is just $6, 750 annually.

However, there is a catch. Western is really a regional veterinary school and provides priority to candidates in the provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and Bc. Foreign students do not need to make an application for the highly subsidized education.

“Each from the four provinces includes a quota, so we’re restricted to the amount of students, ” states the college’s dean, Charles Rhodes, DVM, Msc. “They don’t originate from everywhere else apart from Western Canada.”

Earlier this fall introduced the biggest incoming class ever: 77 students. They provided up about one-fifth from the college’s 400 undergraduate and graduated pupils.

“We’ve been encouraging a few of the provinces their quotas are actually very reasonable thinking about the populace as well as their requirement for vets, so that they have responded by growing their quotas progressively but continuously, ” Dr. Rhodes stated.

The dean has overseen a six-year, $71 million growth of the primary veterinary building. The work is going to be completed this season, coinciding with Rhodes’ retirement after eight years because the college’s top leader.

“One from the nice reasons for the school may be the facilities are located in a single building, to ensure that facilitates students having the ability to maneuver around easily, ” Rhodes states.

The work incorporated a brand new research wing, growth of the diagnostic laboratory, lecture rooms and small-animal clinic, bigger areas for radiology, surgery and emergency and demanding care, and restoration from the large-animal clinic.

Everything creates what Rhodes calls a “comprehensive and seem foundational education” at Western College of Veterinary Medicine.

No surprise that admission is very competitive.

“The first cutoff is definitely grades, ” Rhodes states. “And inside a general sense we would like students who will be effective within our program. Quite simply, we all know it’s an extensive program, therefore we want students who've the educational capacity and also the dedication to be effective and finished this program.

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