Best Veterinary colleges in California

Find the Top Veterinary Schools in California

Each year roughly 1, 302 students graduate having a degree in veterinary from California schools. California has 34 veterinary schools to select from, if you are looking at studying veterinary. At veterinary schools in California, you will probably pay $2, 917 each year in tuition for any degree in veterinary.

Moorpark College may be the biggest veterinary school within the condition of California, according to quantity of students. It's situated in Moorpark. In '09, a reported 271 students graduated having a veterinary degree from Moorpark College. It was 21% from the total veterinary graduates in California for your year. Tuition at Moorpark College, was $824 each year this year.

Veterinary Salaries and Career Outlook in California

Most individuals having a degree in veterinary decide to become vets. If after graduation, you're thinking about adhering round the condition, you need to bear in mind the job outlook for veterinary graduates in California is nice. You will find presently an believed 19, 500 vets employed in California. And also the government projects this number increases by 16%, in order to 22, 700 vets through the year 2018.

In California, like a vet, you will probably earn an income of between under $17, 653 each year to greater than $33, 903 each year. However the median salary for vets earn $20, 692 each year, in California.

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    • There is no school of vet medicine in southern CA. It is a doctorate level program (like a MD) and there are only 24 in the country--the only one in CA is at UCD (Davis). You need to get a bachelors degree first. You will need absolutely top notch grades getting your bachelors--the competition for vet school is more difficult than med school.

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    • While vet schools around the world are ranked annually, the rankings change from year to year and are partially based on non-academic metrics like total grant funding and number of publications by faculty. Any college or university that has an accredited veterinary medicine program will provide a good education, so I would suggest focusing more on which is the best fit for your finances and your career aspirations. For instance, while every vet school will cover the standard domestic animals, only a few vet schools have a strong exotic animal (avian, reptile, amphibian, etc.) program wh…