Purdue Small Animal Hospital

Veterinary Teaching Hospital

The Purdue College Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH) works as a referral facility for cases needing advanced diagnostics or specialized care. We provide routine wellness take care of pets owned by citizens of Tippecanoe County in addition to Purdue College employees. We're a sizable tertiary care hospital complex made up of many individual patient care and diagnostic models.

As our title suggests, we're a teaching facility with the objective of educating veterinary students, publish-graduate vets, and veterinary technology students. We offer practical hands-on learning a real hospital setting for the following generation of vets and veterinary specialists.

Your initial contact throughout your appointment is going to be having a senior (fourth year) veterinary student or perhaps a veterinary technology student who'll invite you in and execute a physical exam and have a health background in your animal. The veterinary student will collaborate having a clinician to determine a suitable diagnostic plan and supply an expense estimate for that suggested methods. The clinician and student will talk about this plan of action along with you. Sometimes this team approach boosts the time required to judge your animal. Be patient if your delay happens. Every animal gets to be a thorough examination. A complete explanation consists of the suggested testing and treatment to each owner. Please be ready to spend a great a part of each day at our hospital. The seriousness of a patient’s condition and also the special services required to identify and treat the individual require a number of our patients to become put in the hospital a minimum of 2-three days.

Legacy Interactive Vet Emergency 2
Video Games (Legacy Interactive)
  • As the vet in an emergency animal hospital, you ll make life-and-death decisions for every pet and animal that come through the door
  • Face 50 challenges for every type of animal -- everything from cats & dogs, to iguanas and ducks
  • Help a bird that can t fly, a sunburnt frog, a balding ferret and many ore unique & interesting cases
  • Figure out the right diagnosis of each animal, using 40 realistic vet tools like IVs, oxygen masks, X-ray machines and more
  • Access your PDA for medical information, get feedback from the chief vet, to make sure you examine, diagnose, and treat each animal properly

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