Pet Vet Animal Hospital Dallas

At Pet Vet Animal Hospital, Dr. Lonnie D. Moore takes care of his furry patients with an abundance of certifications and encounters, like a doctoral of veterinary medicine from Oklahoma Condition College and 39 many years of professional practice at his neighborhood vet clinic. A passionate family guy along with a dog owner themself, Dr. Moore has a tendency to his patients having a caring hands, dealing with dogs and felines to necessary examinations, shots, and procedures to make sure lengthy-term health. Also, he works microchip insertions that negate the necessity to tie nametags to dogs' necks or train felines to meow their addresses. The physician heals hurt dogs and pads against common pet conditions, and resident pet groomer LaDina Raley primps, preens, and cleans four-legged buddies with 24 experience.

Legacy Interactive Vet Emergency 2
Video Games (Legacy Interactive)
  • As the vet in an emergency animal hospital, you ll make life-and-death decisions for every pet and animal that come through the door
  • Face 50 challenges for every type of animal -- everything from cats & dogs, to iguanas and ducks
  • Help a bird that can t fly, a sunburnt frog, a balding ferret and many ore unique & interesting cases
  • Figure out the right diagnosis of each animal, using 40 realistic vet tools like IVs, oxygen masks, X-ray machines and more
  • Access your PDA for medical information, get feedback from the chief vet, to make sure you examine, diagnose, and treat each animal properly

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