Animal House Veterinary Hospital


Peter Ammon, DVM

Dr. Ammon finished the College of Wisconsin at Madison College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991, then a 1-year internship at Kansas Condition College.

He co-founded Animal House in 1995 we have spent at Franklin Park Animal Hospital for 2 years.

Dr. Ammon is married with two lovely kids, two sons and three felines.

Patrick Sage, DVM

Dr. Sage finished the Iowa Condition College College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000. He became a member of Animal House immediately upon graduation and it has been practicing full-time since.

Dr. Sage likes going with his wife and daughter and investing time together with his dog Seamus.

Sarah Pruss, DVM

TracyGebhard.jpgDr. Pruss finished Kansas Condition College College of Veterinary Medicine in the year 2006. She completed a little animal medicine and surgery internship at Veterinary Specialists of Florida in 2007 and moved onto a 2 year neurology internship at Animal Niche Group in Glendale, CA which she carried out 2009. We have spent privately practice in West Hollywood, CA for 2 years, she became a member of Animal House this year.

Dr. Pruss has special interests in neurology and radiology.

Dr. Pruss and her husband have three kids. They likewise have a Weimaraner named Hamlet along with a black and whitened cat who stares into his water dish all day long named Pepper.

Tracy Gebhard, DVM

Dr. Gebhard finished Iowa Condition College in 2000 and it has been with Animal House since 2007. Her special interests include soft tissue and memory foam surgery, in addition to diet and feline medicine.

Dr. Gebhard and her husband possess a daughter, in addition to multiple pets they like investing time with.

Pamela Griffith, DVM

Dr. Griffith attended St. George's College School of Veterinary Medicine in Grenada. She completed her clinical rotations in the College of Illinois and graduated this year. Her interests include internal medicine, surgery, and dentistry.

She likes cooking, exercising, traveling and investing time together with her husband and daughter.

Lisa Pool

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